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About Me

Love for rabbits since birth
As an infant I loved soft stuffed animals. One day while sitting my mom on the couch I grabbed a stuffed rabbit that my Dad had given to my Mom the Easter after I was born. This brown stuffed has been by my side ever since. "Bunny" sleeps by my side each and every night. He sits with Cotton and myself when we listen to books. He has even been camping with me on cubscouts camping trips. I have always had a love for rabbits.



Raising Rabbits
For my seventh birthday, I really wanted a real live rabbit. My wonderful Grandmother and Grandfather got me my very own Satin house rabbit. Cotton sleeps in a cage in my room and loves to see me each and every morning when I wake up. She gets so excited and stands on two feets until I go over and greet her. After my birthday party my Grandfather started working really late everynight building something really large, to my surprise he was building a rabbit cage for my new hobby; Raising Rabbits. 



About my farm
I have been around many animals my whole life. We have 30+ chickens, 5 goats, 1 mini donkey, 2 mini horses, 3 horses, 2 dogs, 3 cats, 2 ducks, 2 geese, fish, and now rabbits. I love working on the farm. I couldn't imigine a day that would go by without playing in the mud or getting dirty taking care of our animals. They are like my brothers and sisters! My 
Grandpa helped build our amazing bunny condos! We have our "Batchelor Pad" with our Male bunnies, our "Sorority House" with our Female bunnies and our "Nursery" with all our babies for sale! Stop by and come see them!



About my family
My Mom and Dad were lucky enough to be able to live in the house right next to my Great-Grandparents and next to them my Grandparents, We all have a lot of fun together. I love taking the golf cart next door just to pop in and say hello. I have a younger sister, Kaylee and a younger brother, Shane. I am the oldest and that makes me the one that takes care of the animals. 

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